Endorsed Programs

League Endorsed Programs

Alabama First Responders Benefits Program

Firefighters are community heroes. The Alabama First Responders Benefits Program was created for cities and counties within the State of Alabama to help care for our 20,000+ firefighters and their families. 

Under ACT 2019-361, firefighters throughout the State of Alabama are entitled to an enhanced cancer and disability coverage program provided by their municipality, county, public entity or fire district for both Career Paid and Volunteer Firefighters. The Alabama First Responders Benefits Program provides multiple options for both career and volunteer firefighters and is a way to further protect our community heroes.

Learn more about Alabama First Responders Benefits Program HERE

American Fidelity Assurance Company

The public sector is constantly evolving, with expectations changing as rapidly as the technology. You deserve a partner who can adapt quickly and lead the way. American Fidelity Assurance Company does just that by partnering with the Alabama League of Municipalities to offer the latest trends in employer benefit solutions and build custom recommendations for your organization.

American Fidelity specifically focuses on helping the public sector overcome benefits administration challenges. In comparison, some other companies in the industry often provide a one-size-fits-all approach and their knowledge of your special circumstances only goes so deep. As a specialist in the public sector, American Fidelity can provide you with a different perspective — a different opinion. Take advantage of our Section 125 Plan administration, compliance services and medical reimbursement account administration – all at no additional cost to you. We also offer supplemental insurance products including Disability, Accident, Cancer, Life, and Critical Illness. Our online benefit enrollment platform, AFenroll, has full benefit enrollment capabilities, including enrollment for your medical, dental, and vision products.. During enrollment, our salaried, career account managers provide a consultative approach by focusing on educating your employees on their benefit options and providing custom recommendations based on their unique needs.

Nationwide, we serve nearly one million customers and 12,500 employer groups, including over 6,245 public sector employers. We take pride in delivering less worry, less work and using our 55+ years of expertise to provide you with top-notch benefit administration through our hands-on, simplifying approach.

Learn more about American Fidelity HERE

CGI Streaming Video

Founded in 1988, CGI's products and services for Community Image Marketing have been used by over 2000 communities in North America! All of CGI's programs are offered at NO COST to municipalities, and are specially designed to streamline communication and strengthen communities. Take a look at the site and see what they have to offer.

Learn more about CGI Streaming Video HERE

Cable Television Franchise Management Service

The Alabama League of Municipalities sponsors a technical services program designed to assist member municipalities with cable franchise management. The goals of the program are to ensure that local governments have access to the expertise required to negotiate for the benefits and services needed in our communities on reasonable terms and conditions. The program is administered by Local Government Services, LLC. In return for a nominal fee, which is usually based on a municipality's population, cities and towns can obtain those services. 

Learn more about Cable Television Franchise Management Service HERE

Additional Resource: Cable Franchise Negotiation

Manage Essentials (formerly known as IT in a Box)

Sign a 3+ year VC3 Manage agreement by May 31st and get free technology

Any municipality that signs a 3+ year VC3 Manage Essentials Proactive agreement will receive extra technology—at no extra cost.

Cities and towns with:

  • 5-19 users will receive a free laptop.
  • 20-35 users will receive 5 free laptops.
  • More than 35 users will receive 5 free laptops and one council chamber smartboard.

Sign up for VC3 Manage before May 31 and seize the chance to enhance your technology capabilities while enjoying complimentary hardware. Learn more here.

Do the following questions keep you up at night or constantly nag at you during the day? 

  • Deep down, do I believe my municipality is prepared for a cyberattack?
  • Why does it take days or weeks to resolve IT issues?
  • Why are my IT costs unpredictable and all over the place when I look at the invoices?

VC3, the Alabama League of Municipalities’ IT consulting partner since 2018, has been making IT personal, making IT easy, and getting IT right for more than 28 years. Serving over 1,100 municipalities of all sizes, VC3’s Alabama-based engineers are supported by a deep bench of national talent.

From backing up and securing your data to modernizing your website, it’s tough for municipalities to invest in the right technology and hire the best professional expertise to guide them along. To address these needs cost-effectively without taking any shortcuts, VC3 helped create a packaged technology service called Manage Essentials.

What’s inside Manage Essentials?

  • Cybersecurity and computer maintenance
  • 24x7 helpdesk
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Records / document management and email
  • Video archiving
  • Policy and compliance
  • Website
  • Vendor management and procurement


The Alabama League of Municipalities and VC3 can customize plans depending on the number of your employees and the size of your city’s technology infrastructure. This customization makes cybersecurity and technology services affordable for your budget, from the smallest town to the largest city.

Contact the Alabama League of Municipalities or VC3 so that we may assess your needs and begin the quote process.