Affiliate Organizations

Municipal Revenue Service– This League program, which has been available to League members for many decades, collects delinquent municipal insurance license taxes and has recovered a tremendous amount of lost municipal revenue over the years.

Municipal Workers Compensation Fund (MWCF) – The League sponsors the Municipal Workers Compensation Fund, which provides a means for municipalities and their boards to save on the cost of workers compensation coverage. The program was established in 1976 and is the second oldest League insurance pool in the nation.

Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation (AMIC) – The Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation (AMIC) was formed by League members in the late 1989 to provide liability and property insurance coverage for member municipalities. AMIC and MWCF take pride in their competitive rates, strong safety services and record of savings for members over the years.

Alabama Municipal Funding Corporation (AMFund) – The Alabama Municipal Funding Corporation (AMFund) was created in 2006 to assist Alabama municipalities with refinancing existing debt and funding local projects and purchases through cost-effective financing.

Municipal Intercept Services  – In 2014 the Alabama State Legislature enacted an amendment allowing municipalities and counties to attempt to collect delinquent debts owed to them by collecting this debt from an individual's State tax refund. This is a process that has been in force for many years for several State agencies but until 2014, was not possible for municipalities or counties. In 2015 the Alabama League of Municipalities formed Municipal Intercept Services, LLC (MIS) as its clearinghouse entity to act as a conduit between participating Alabama municipalities and the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR).