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City of Decatur
Building Code Inspection Manager

Salary: $53,413.13 - $81,274.40

Job Description: This position is responsible for managing the city's Building Code Inspection Department operations and staff and ensuring compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. This individual supervises, directs and evaluates assigned staff; handles employee concerns and problems; counsels staff; prepares employee performance appraisals; provides guidance for training and development; and personal/professional growth opportunities. An employee in this role will also provide leadership and support in the Building Code Inspection Department in operations of commercial and residential inspections/compliance; follow-up inspections; legal proceedings for code violations; and resolution of customer challenges/concerns. The selected candidate drives continuous improvement initiatives in the department's operations, processes, procedures, systems, field investigations and customer service-oriented objectives such as field investigations and enforcement to ensure education and compliance with city ordinances.

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For more information about this position, contact Decatur's Human Resources Department at (256) 341-4890.

City of Talladega
City Manager

Job Description: Under the administrative direction of the city council president, the city manager manages and supervises the administrative areas of city government and provides day to day direction and management to all city departments. The position requires initiative and ability to make independent judgments. The employee must be able to delegate a variety of duties to a variety of different entities on a daily basis. The position requires knowledge of complex areas and must be able to draw upon external areas of expertise such as consultants with expertise in varying areas, attorneys in specialized fields (e.g., bond attorneys and management relations), various agencies (e.g., Alabama League of Municipalities), colleges and universities, external auditors and investment bankers.  

The work involves planning, developing and carrying out vital administrative processes and programs, which are essential to the operations of the city and affect large numbers of people on a long-term or continuing basis. This job requires knowledge and skill in planning, organizing, determining impact and consequences, and in obtaining consensus and support. Latitude in making decisions and in methods of approach and implementation are afforded this employee. 

The job requires obtaining support of the public and maintaining positive public relations. Management of the city functions in accord with legal requirements, solid financial practices, as well as with priorities established by the city council are essential. The job classification is identified as security-sensitive and subject to a pre-employment background check.

View the full job description here.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact Tanna Falkner at or 256-362-8186 ext. 1017.